Maple syrup
by IORA:

the marriage of Canadian artisan excellence and the refinement of European taste

A premium quality syrup

IORA was born from the desire to offer an exceptional maple syrup to European customers in direct contact with the Canadian producer. We offer a premium quality maple syrup from a unique terroir, thanks to the excellence of our production and know-how. Certified organic and coming from batches patiently selected for their gustatory qualities, IORA maple syrup is intended for a demanding clientele, in search of the best of artisanal production without any compromises on respect for the environment.

icône feuille d'érable

Exceptional syrup from
a owner-grower

Icône écologique

friendly approach

         Logo certification biologique canadienne


Icône santé

High in

Green leaf

An environmentally
friendly production

While IORA stands out first and foremost for its superior taste, maple syrup is more generally known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. But IORA wants to go further by committing itself to the conservation of the environment. From sustainable forest management to the design of our glass bottle, we want to minimize our ecological footprint. By choosing IORA, you are guaranteed a quality product without any environmental compromise.

Our eco-responsible approach