IORA Velvety
Maple Syrup

the typical taste of maple

Harvested at the height of the season, IORA velvety maple syrup fully reveals the typical taste of maple. It is the most widely sold syrup, as it is also the most universal. It can be used as is or for cooking.

Its sweet and slightly woody frank taste delivers all the finesse of maple. Its deep colour highlights buttery notes and remarkable intensity on the palate.



375 ml

Bouteille de Sirop délicat


Its characteristics



Rich and deep. Filters perfectly the sun's rays


Taste profile

Frank sweet and slightly woody. Spreads buttery notes in the mouth.



Fine and rich nose. Reminiscent of brown sugar and caramel.



Yoghurt, pancakes, waffles or ice cream. It is the ideal syrup to flavour any dessert.


icône feuille d'érable

Exceptional syrup from
a owner-grower

Icône écologique

friendly approach

         Logo certification biologique canadienne


Icône santé

High in

Enjoy your syrup to its full potential

Savour slightly chambered (about 16 degrees)

Preserve up to 3 years in the cellar, 6 months in the refrigerator once opened

Each colour has its own flavour

Discover the various grades of syrup available

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