Maple syrup
contains 63


Maple syrup was originally used by Native Americans as a natural anti-inflammatory. Beyond its sweet and delicately flavoured taste, maple syrup is appreciated for its unique chemical composition. Maple syrup contains 63 antioxidants, it's more than broccoli!

It is also an important source of vitamins and minerals as shown in the Nutritional Benefits Table for Maple Syrup. Its glycemic index is also significantly lower than that of honey, which makes maple syrup a healthy and delicious alternative to refined sugar.


A plus in the fight against chronic diseases

In recent years, scientists have multiplied studies on the benefits of maple syrup and its qualities far exceed those of all sweeteners. They demonstrated in particular that the glucose contained in the syrup remains in the blood for a shorter period of time since it is absorbed more quickly by the cells because of its many antioxidants. It is therefore a positive element in the fight against chronic diseases such as obesity or cardiovascular diseases.

Benefits and nutritional value